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25th April 2017

Order! Order! Supreme Court delivers key ruling on indirect discrimination issue

Issue The UK Supreme Court has delivered its judgment in two of the most important discrimination cases of the year. The Law Indirect discrimination under s.19 of the Equality Act…

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25th April 2017

Can the Equality Act's 'Positive Action' Exception Help the Boardrooms "Endangered White Males"?

Tesco chairman John Allen caused a media storm earlier this year when he joked that white men have become an “endangered species” at the top of British business. Mr Allen,…

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25th April 2017

Sunderland Manager David Moyes Threatens 'Naughty' Female Journalist with a Slap: Banter or Harassment

What’s said in the media Moyes didn’t realise the mike was still on when he made those now infamous comments to BBC journalist Vicki Sparks. Moments earlier, she had asked…

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1 day ago

.@BBCRadio4 soap opera The Archers' Brian Aldridge was interviewed under caution by the Environment Agency earlier… https://t.co/dsgGThvTQ8

8 days ago

We re-visit the final in a series of five articles where a member of our Education department Deborah Scales shares… https://t.co/4Vtoj4BTdv

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