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25th April 2017

Sunderland Manager David Moyes Threatens 'Naughty' Female Journalist with a Slap: Banter or Harassment

What’s said in the media Moyes didn’t realise the mike was still on when he made those now infamous comments to BBC journalist Vicki Sparks. Moments earlier, she had asked…

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16th March 2017

Urgent Warning to Employers: Do not act on the misleading headline "European Court says workplace ban on headscarves can be legal"

Speed read: We know you are busy but this is one legal update we urge you to read to ensure your business does not fall foul of anti-religion and belief…

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07th March 2017

Deliveroo Riders' Employment Status to be decided by Tribunal

The employment status of Deliveroo riders will be determined by a tribunal at the end of May, after another ruling that affects the rights of workers employed in the gig…

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1 day ago

According to Sky news, the Financial Reporting Council has launched an investigation into two former finance direct…

6 days ago

We are hiring for a HR & Quality Administrator in our Nottingham office. To find out more and apply click the link…

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