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21st October 2016

Government to Enforce Against Companies for Failure to Prevent Tax Evasion

It has been reported that the Government is planning to introduce a corporate offence for failing to prevent tax evasion of any form.  If and when this law is passed,…

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18th October 2016

Star Wars: The Return of the Foreseeability Case

After we covered the foreseeability case which saw Harrison Ford sustain an injury whilst on set in our HSE blog, the media has confirmed the outcome. It has been reported…

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10th October 2016

Environment Agency Reports Increase in Illegal Waste Operations

According to the Environment Agency, the use of warehouses storing illegal waste has almost doubled since 2014 and is believed to be costing tax payers in England approximately £1bn a…

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18 hours ago

The BBC reports that according to Ofwat, some of the UK's biggest water companies did not support customers properl…

22 hours ago

It has been reported that the auditing work of one of the world's "Big Four" accounting firms has been sharply crit…

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