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21st April 2016

Drone Law You Cannot Afford To Ignore

The market for ‘Unmanned Aircraft Systems’ (UAS), also commonly referred to as “drones”, is rapidly evolving. Drones have long been associated with specialist use in the military and the high…

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19th April 2016

Number of Dropped Crown Court Prosecutions at Highest Level in Five Years

The BBC has reported that over 12,600 cases were discontinued from 2014 to 2015 which is the highest number of dropped prosecutions at a Crown Court in England and Wales…

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14th April 2016

Are Courts Struggling with Digital Justice?

An article in The Times claims that a report – Delivering Justice in a Digital Age – which has been produced by police and CPS inspectors have highlighted that many…

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We re-visit the final in a series of five articles where a member of our Education department Deborah Scales shares…

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