School Admissions Appeals

At Cartwright King we have a team of Education Law Solicitors who can assist with School Admission Appeals and represent parents at hearings across the country. Appeals have to follow a strict procedure and there are time limits in place. It is therefore important if you are considering an appeal, to seek legal advice or you can instruct a solicitor to act on your behalf. We offer affordable, fixed fee legal advice and support. Call us on 0808 168 5550 or email

School appeals

Getting your son or daughter into the right school is one of the most important tasks a parent can do. This is why parents instruct us to act on their behalf. You only have one chance to get it right, which is why we provide various options and levels of support.

Time is of the essence and this is a complex area of law. Instructing solicitors to appeal school admission decisions has become an increasingly popular option, as it can increase the chances of parents being successful. 

We're here to take all the worry off your hands and explain the process to you.

For further information read our blog and factsheet below:

Your rights and the Law

Admission appeals are complex due to the number of changes that happen on a yearly basis in terms of the School Admission and School Admission Appeals Code. Often, freely available information online is out of date and parents struggle to find the right information quickly.

If you son or daughter has not got into the school of choice, then first of all, do not panic. You must however act fast and it’s advisable to seek legal assistance.

You have the right to appeal the refusal to admit your child into a school and it’s always worth appealing. There is no guarantee that you’ll be successful, but if you don’t appeal then it’s a missed opportunity. 

There is a strict timeline to adhere to and your rights should have been outlined to you in the admission decision letter.

How we can help

We assist parents with appeals to the Independent Admissions Appeal Panel for all types of schools including academies, foundation, free schools, faith schools, grammar schools, primary and secondary, amongst others.

You’ll need our help if you fail to get your child into the school of your choice.

Whilst parents do have the right to express a preference, this preference will not always prevail.

We provide advice and assistance in drafting Grounds of Appeal, advising on supporting documentation and providing representation at any hearings.

Our services:

Package A - from £400 plus VAT

Education law solicitor to provide legal advice and to research, draft and submit the written letter of appeal.

Package B - from £750 plus VAT

All of package A, plus representation from an education law solicitor at your Independent Appeal Panel Hearing.

Package C - from £500 plus VAT

Education law solicitor to represent you at your Independent Appeal Panel hearing. (For cases where you have already submitted the written application yourself but require advice on how your case should best be presented, as well as advocacy at the hearing itself.)

*We may need to charge additional fees to cover transportation costs depending on your location. We will always let you know what these are.

Types of appeal:

  • In Year Admissions – Moving schools
  • Primary and Secondary Appeals
  • Admissions Appeals for Children with Special Educational Needs

Why choose us?

We provide legal advice and assistance to parents to navigate the education legal system. We can present the strongest case to secure the best chances of a successful appeal.

We have solicitors who can assist wherever you are based and who can also assist with SEN issues, exclusion appeals and other areas of educational law.

We’re here to take the worry off your hands but it is important that you get in contact as soon as possible. As long as you act quickly there should be time to address the situation.

With Cartwright King you can be reassured that your appeal will be written by a qualified solicitor and not a case worker. 

How to make contact

To contact our team of education solicitors please telephone 0808 168 5550 or email and we will call you back.

At Cartwright King we have offices across the country. We can assist wherever you are based but we also have offices in Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Sheffield, London, Birmingham, Bedford, Bolton, Leeds, Luton, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Newcastle Gateshead, Northampton, Oxford, Reading and Wellingborough.

For further information please get in touch with our dedicated team.

You can always call us on 0808 168 5550 or email the Education Team on


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