Separation Agreement

At the end of a marriage or relationship, our Cartwright King Lawyers will help you create a Separation Agreement to provide for the agreed aspects such as:

  • How you agree to deal with your home and other property
  • How you would deal with bank accounts, cars and furniture
  • Arrangements for any children, where they will live and when they will see the other parent
  • Payment arrangements of debts
  • Any agreed support that will be paid for one of you, or the children.

Fee : £840.00*
Office Copy Entries : £4.00*

  • Receiving from you your completed Cartwright King Financial Disclosure Pack and documents
  • Discussing your wishes and requirements for the Agreement
  • Drafting the Agreement and negotiating with your Partner and representative on aspects as required and amendments
  • Execution of the Agreement and providing you with two copies.

What is not included:

  • Assisting over disputes on aspects of property, money or children, in which case we are happy to provide you with a separate estimate of our charges
  • Writing to request, or obtain information or documents on your behalf for your Cartwright King disclosure pack
  • In respect of any property transfer, any conveyancing that is required to comply with the Agreement or any other aspects of implementation.

*Fee inclusive of VAT.

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