Gaining parental responsibility

How do you know if anybody else has parental responsibility?

Parental responsibility can be gained in one of several ways:

  • By a parental responsibility agreement being signed which needs to be lodged at court
  • By the court making an order for parental responsibility
  • After 1 December 2003 a father who is named on the birth certificate will acquire parental responsibility
  • To re-register the birth and have the father’s name put on the birth certificate
  • By marriage to the father after the birth and re-registering the birth with the father being named on the certificate
  • By the making of a Residence Order, stating that the child lives with you.

If there is an issue about the child’s surname then the court can determine that issue and will do so considering all of the specific circumstances of your case. We can help you present your case and assist you. It is quite usual for this type of application to be made alongside an application for the court to consider that person’s ‘contact’ with the child. This is a court term which sets out a framework for when that person will see your child.

If the court deems that it is appropriate to change the child’s surname, then it can be changed by a Deed Poll document.

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