Red Light Offences News

01st December 2017

Hundreds of New Drivers Banned from Driving due to Mobile Phone Use

Due to the introduction of new and tougher laws this year, hundreds of new drivers are given automatic bans for using their mobile phones at the wheel. Punishments for driving…

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14th November 2017

Optometrists Propose Compulsory Eye Tests For Motorists

The Association of Optometrists have stated that drivers should have mandatory eye tests every 10 years. This comes after 1 in 3 optometrists have seen patients within the last month…

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06th October 2017

Report Proposes Drink-Drive Rules Need Updating For Autonomous Car Era

An Australian report has suggested that drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol should be exempt from drink- drive laws if they are using autonomous cars. The National Transport…

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