10th October 2016

Environment Agency Reports Increase in Illegal Waste Operations

According to the Environment Agency, the use of warehouses storing illegal waste has almost doubled since 2014 and is believed to be costing tax payers in England approximately £1bn a…

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03rd October 2016

The Price of Failure

If there was ever a reason to take health and safety seriously, then you only have to look at the recent court decision following the Alton Towers “Smiler” ride crash.…

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03rd October 2016

Mobile Phones & Driving: Proposed Tougher Penalties

The Government is considering increasing the minimum number of penalty points imposed for using a mobile telephone when driving. If the plans go ahead it could mean that the penalty…

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6 hours ago

32Red has been hit with a £2m fine by the gambling watchdog for failing to protect a vulnerable customer and carry…

1 day ago

It has been reported that Coral has been ordered by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to drop three ads fea…

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