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23rd October 2017

Report Suggests Families Struggle With New Educational Needs System When Councils Get It Wrong

A report issued by the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman shows that families of children with special educational needs (SEN) can face a “disproportionate burden” when trying to ensure…

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19th October 2017

School Applications - Check The Admission Arrangements For Each School

With the deadline for secondary school applications approaching at the end of October, parents and carers of children in year 6 will be anxious about making the right choices and…

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16th October 2017

Recent Case Highlights the need for Regulated Immigration Advice

A self-styled legal practitioner has received a prison sentence after being convicted of providing illegal immigration advice. It was the second time Prince Adewale Adeola had provided support in relation…

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40 minutes ago

The BBC report that around 50 drug driving prosecutions have been dropped because original test results may have be…

4 hours ago

Sky news reports that new advice has been published giving guidance on pregnancy discrimination as more women seek…

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