04th March 2015

Transforming Summary Justice seminars across Bedfordshire Police

Andrew Brumhill, Director at Cartwright King, has been delivering seminars across Bedfordshire Police on streamlining criminal justice. In a series of 10 seminars, Andrew, along with retired Chief Crown Prosecutor, Lyn Gavins, have delivered these to approximately 400 Police Officers, ranging from Custody Detention Officers to Detective Inspector level.

Within these seminars, the CPS explained the make-up and component parts of court/prosecution files (Initial Disclosure Prosecution Case), emphasising to the Police the importance to have relevant and pertinent information in order for substantial and proper progress to be made at all initial court hearings within the Magistrates’ courts.

Andrew Brumhill, providing input from a defence perspective, explained what disclosureable information is required in order to advise clients properly and how, if at all possible, positive progression on the court case is advantageous. An overview has also given to the police about our fee structure.

This initiative arose from Superintendent Gavin Hughes-Rowland of Bedfordshire Police who is hoping these series of seminars will assist in the preparation, quality and timeliness of prosecution files to facilitate more affective court hearings.

The last seminar is being rolled out on Thursday 5th March 2015 at Bedfordshire Police Headquarters.

For further information please get in touch with our dedicated team.

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