05th February 2013

Location, location and relocation

The courts are currently seeing an increase in the number of applications being made by parents who want to leave England and relocate to another country so it is worth…

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24th January 2013

Recent ruling regarding religious beliefs will gave implications in the workplace

A recent case involving an individual who refused to carry out civil partnership ceremonies which were contrary to her religious beliefs is set to have long term consequences in the…

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18th January 2013

Sharing mum and dad

According to Channel 4, one in three children in the UK today grow up in a home with only one parent. In its recent Dispatches programme entitled “Sharing mum and…

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1 day ago

.@BBCRadio4 soap opera The Archers' Brian Aldridge was interviewed under caution by the Environment Agency earlier…

8 days ago

We re-visit the final in a series of five articles where a member of our Education department Deborah Scales shares…

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