11th September 2014

LinkedIn Guide #1 - Creating Your LinkedIn Profile

In business as in life, first impressions matter, and (as harsh as it might well sound), many potential 'links' will make their decision on whether or not to communicate with…

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04th September 2014

LinkedIn for Solicitors - Building Your Business Network Online

As a professional, you want to network with your peers and develop credibility in your field. Traditionally you could do this with arranged networking events, where you would adhere to…

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28th May 2014

Sentencing guidance on corporate offending, fraud, money laundering and bribery

The Sentencing Guidelines Council (SGC) has just released guidance to assist courts in determining the appropriate punishment for individuals and businesses for offences of fraud, money laundering and bribery and…

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2 days ago

.@BBCRadio4 soap opera The Archers' Brian Aldridge was interviewed under caution by the Environment Agency earlier…

9 days ago

We re-visit the final in a series of five articles where a member of our Education department Deborah Scales shares…

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