31st October 2013

Ministry of Justice cuts legal aid fees for Very High Cost Cases by 30%.

The Ministry of Justice has announced today that it will go ahead and reduce legal aid fees for Very High Cost Cases (VHCC) by 30%. This announcement comes just one day before the deadline on the Legal Aid Consultation on yet more radical cuts to criminal legal aid funding.

Rupert Hawke Managing Director says,

“There has been no reasoning provided for the level at which fees will be cut and they are well beyond margins that firms make for this type of work. Criminal lawyers work long hours with often difficult and troubled clients, and the remuneration for that work is already at a level where a large number of firms are closing, as they cannot continue to trade. In addition the cuts completely undermine the principles of justice for all. Although the doctrine of innocent until proven guilty remains, the reality is more and more people will accept guilt for offences that they simply cannot afford to defend. At Cartwright King will continue to fight to save legal aid and justice for all.”

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