01st April 2013

Nottinghamshire Police’s clamp down on the use of mobile phones when driving

Comment from Imogen Cox, head of motoring law at Cartwright King solicitors.

It is only too easy to forget the implications of using a mobile phone whilst driving.

There are clearly safety issues — you are distracted and not completely focused on your driving which can lead to accidents. But there are also the legal implications if you are caught driving whilst using a mobile phone.

So the next time you are contemplating making a quick call or sending a text, remember this. If you get caught:

  • you get 3 points and a £60 fine — and you are obliged to tell your insurance company which in turn affects your premium, and
  • if you already have 3 points on your licence, and have been driving for less than 2 years, those extra 3 points will mean that you will revert back to being a provisional licence holder, and
  • if you already have 9 points on your licence, you are then regarded as a ‘totter’ (having 12 points) which means that the court has to disqualify you for 6 months unless you can successfully demonstrate ‘exceptional hardship’.

On the later point though it is worth knowing that the courts are clamping down and making it much tougher to successfully demonstrate this. Specialists in motoring defence law like Cartwright King may be able to help you contest the disqualification.

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