19th November 2012

Risks for sponsors of overseas students

The revocation of the London Metropolitan University’s Sponsor Licence has had a drastic impact on the intake of new students at the University and not just from overseas.

Since the UKBA took away the University’s licence allowing them to sponsor students from outside the UK, the University’s overall reputation has been affected and they have also seen a fall in home students applying to them.

The UKBA took away the University’s licence in August 2012 leaving many overseas students in a very difficult position. The UKBA alleged that the University failed to monitor overseas students’ activities and did not adequately assess their English Language ability. The University has mounted a legal challenge in the form of a Judicial Review and hopes to have their licence reinstated following what they are calling an “unlawful” UKBA decision.

“Institutes which sponsor overseas students need to ensure that they take their duties seriously to avoid situations like this otherwise it could affect them financially and also damage the lives of students and their academic careers.”
warns Rachel Harvey, immigration specialist at Cartwright King solicitors.

“We welcome the fact that Mr Justice Irwin who dealt with the first hearing at the High Court put orders in place to protect those genuine students who had started studying in the UK.”
added Rachel.

“Interim measures have now been put in place by the UKBA to help students affected but we would also urge any of the students affected by this to contact our specialist teams for advice on their status.”

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