11th May 2017

SEN Needs Specialist Advice and Care

As parents we are always on the look out for our kids. Thanks to our love for them, the care we give them and the patience we have with them we are usually able to deal with what seemingly troubles them as they make their way through life. Sometimes however there are those moments when, as a parent, we discern that there can be issues such as learning difficulties at school that cannot be resolved without professional help. It is at times like this when you suspect that your child’s best interests might be met by their needs being catered for through a bespoke Education, Health and Care Plan.

If you are right in your assessment – and parents usually are – they know their own kids best – then there is a legal duty upon Local Education Authorities to design a plan to address those challenges that your child faces.

Here at CK we have a dedicated team of lawyers who know their way around the law surrounding special educational needs. They are on hand to provide you with advice, guidance and reassurance as you and your child face the future together. If you think that your child is finding it significantly harder to learn than most children their age then pick up the phone and ask to speak to one of our lawyers here. An Education, Health and Care Plan need not, be for the whole of your child’s education but such a plan, even if it’s in place for only a year or so, might make all the difference to their happiness.

We provide a nationwide coverage and you will always find us helpful as well as sympathetic.

For more information on Special Educational Needs please email or contact us on 0808 168 5550.

For further information please get in touch with our dedicated team.

You can always call us on 0845 894 1622 or email on


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