13th December 2012

The Dangers of not checking Immigration Status of potential employees

More and more businesses are being fined for illegally employing migrants, often unknowingly, because they are failing to make proper checks on the immigration status of employees warns Rachel Harvey, immigration specialist at Cartwright King.

Derby based company ‘A Star’ owned by a local labour councillor has been raided by UKBA who detained a number of illegal workers. They may now receive a ten thousand pound fine for each worker found.

In another case a man has been disqualified from acting as a director for ten years after he was found guilty of employing migrants illegally. The company of which he was a director was also fined £80,000. Following non payment of the fine there was a further investigation into the company which has now gone into liquidation.

“It is important that companies make full checks on the immigration status of every migrant worker before they employ them otherwise they run the risk of fines and long term detrimental effects on their business.”
said Rachel Harvey.

“We are helping a growing number of companies to make all the required checks and also to apply for the necessary sponsorship licences to enable companies to lawfully employ migrants in the UK. Even if an employer has had a fine we can assist in attempting to defend the civil penalty.”

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