27th October 2017

School Applications - Using All Your Choices

This is the final blog in our series aimed at helping parents navigate the sometimes difficult and often emotional task of securing the right school place for their child. The tips in this blog are less about the law and more about how to make realistic applications.

All parents have the right to “express a preference” for at least three schools. Some local authorities may allow more than three preferences. Although you can apply for any school you want it will be no surprise that the most popular schools are often oversubscribed. If you apply to schools where your child has no realistic chance of being offered a place you are simply wasting your preferences. And if none of your preferences can be met the local authority will offer you a place at any school that has a vacancy. That is why you need to think tactically. Here are our tips:

  • First check the admissions arrangements and the oversubscription criteria of the schools you are interested in.
  • Think about how you can prepare your child for the fact that they may not be able to go to the school they have set their heart on.
  • Apply for at least one school where your child has a very good chance of being offered a place.
  • Use all of your preferences to give yourselves the best chance of getting the school you would prefer. Don't make the mistake of thinking that if you list just one school you have more chance of getting a place. This is not so.
  • Do not waste your preferences by applying to schools where there is no realistic chance of getting a place, even if you really like the school. Think about other schools you might quite like where your child has a much better chance of being offered a place.
  • Don't make the mistake of thinking that you can pressure the school or local authority into giving you a place at any particular school. Some parents think that threatening to keep a child at home puts pressure on the school. This is not so.
  • Make sure you fully understand exactly how places are allocated under each oversubscription criteria. Don't assume, for example, that your child will get a place at the school just because your neighbour's children go there.
  • Finally if you have special reasons for wanting a particular school you should include the information at the time of the application, even if you think your child will get a place anyway. It is important to explain how only that school can meet your child’s needs and explaining what might happen if your child cannot go to that particular school.

Article written by Deborah Scales

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