Alice Dodd

Position(s)  Senior associate, Solicitor

Area(s) of Practice  Business Defence, Criminal Defence, Regulatory Law

Location(s)  Oxfordshire

Phone  01235 555 700


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Alice Dodd is a Senior Associate Solicitor covering Criminal, Military, Fraud and Business Defence cases. 

Having practiced criminal law for over 20 years, Alice specialises in serious fraud matters, money laundering, and white collar crime as well as serious and complex financial crime, asset confiscation and regulatory infringement.

Based at our Oxfordshire office, Alice is an outstanding solicitor who has had notable success dealing with the most serious of criminal offences in particular serious organised crime conspiracies, conspiracy to murder, international conspiracy, large scale multi-defendant drug cases, Courts Martial, historic sexual abuse allegations, lethal and serious violence and drug trafficking. Alice recently defended several multi handed Trading Standards prosecutions, which have included the instruction of Queens Counsel and has also been instructed on a multi handed 34000 page drug conspiracy.

Alice is regarded as having a particular expertise in defending in cases where the accused is mentally ill, where there are potential defences of insanity or where the defendant may be unfit to plead.

She is also regularly instructed by members of the travelling community and by members of the Showman’s Guild.

With a considerable skill in establishing good working relationships with those she represents, Alice’s straightforward yet sensitive approach engenders trust. These skills often result in her being instructed to act on behalf of individuals with complex character traits or for those with scant knowledge of the Criminal Justice System. She is known for her diligent and “no stone left un-turned” attitude towards preparation.

Alice is committed to securing the best possible outcome to any client’s case. She has an excellent working relationship with counsel and Queen’s Counsel, who are all dedicated specialist criminal defence practitioners.

Alice is a school Governor for a bi-lingual European school and sits on the education committee. She has chaired a Disciplinary Committees and has assisted in the recruitment process for a new Head Teacher. Alice is also the Association of Accredited European Schools parent representative. She hosted and chaired the parents section of the annual conference during her school’s presidency of the association in 2016.

Languages – Alice speaks fluent French and can take instructions directly from a French speaking client without the need of an interpreter. 

Notable cases:

R v Wysocki;   Conspiracies to rob and false imprisonment. The jury delivered unanimous verdicts of Not Guilty to all charges.


R v FO [Oxford Crown Court 2015]: Successful defence of an individual accused of affray and possession of a knife.  The complainant alleged that the defendant threatened to beat him up and chased him down the road with a knife, following a dispute.  An eye-witness evidenced the same.  The defendant’s previous convictions of drug possession and public order offences went before the jury.  Following a three-day trial the jury returned, acquitting the defendant of both counts, within 30 minutes.


R v SB [Oxford Crown Court 2015]: Defence of a man charged with possession with intent to supply class A drugs; the case involved expert evidence on the PTSD and the impact such had on the reliability of the defendant’s interview.


R v AJ [Oxford Crown Court 2015]: Defence of a man charged with fraud and multiple breaches of Trading Standards Regulations.


R v O [Oxford Crown Court 2015]: Allegation of rape between teenagers.


R v Nganga [2015]: Represented an individual charged with arson with intent to endanger life whereby the prosecution alleged that a fire had been started in a house at night occupied by five people. The case involved complex issues surrounding the defendant’s mental health. Mental Health Act disposal.


R v Brown [2015]: Successfully defended a 21-year-old man charged with causing grievous bodily harm.  Charges were brought after the defendant's former girlfriend suffered a life-endangering knife wound to her wrist during an altercation with the defendant.  Counsel argued that the jury could not be sure that the injury was not caused accidentally.  The jury at Oxford Crown Court took just over two hours to unanimously find the defendant not guilty. 


R v Freaney: The allegation was that Freaney murdered his partner during a bedroom domestic argument. Freaney alleged that death occurred by accident during a sex game (Read More);


R v Jennifer Creasy & Others [2013]: Murder, Perverting the Course of Justice (Read More)


R v Lcpl Clarke [2012]: Court Martial Centre Colchester - acquittal of young soldier charged with assault. Case involved abuse of process argument regarding destruction of CCTV evidence


R v LC LR: Court Martial Centre Bulford – charged with 21 offences of taking without consent. Pleaded to 2 offences, all others dismissed.


R v F and D [Oxford Crown Court 2012]: A threesome rape trial, involving complex issues over the ambit of Section 41, resolved in the defence's favour, and client subsequently acquitted.


R v M and 6 others [Oxford Crown Court 2012]: Junior alone in case involving allegations of kidnap and false imprisonment against two members of a rival family on two separate occasions.


R v IM & Others [Oxford Crown Court 2012]: Multi-handed s.18 GBH trial


R v Corporal EG 2011: Court martial, a soldier charged with a same sex sexual assault, and the assault of a military police officer. Love triangle.


R v Peters and Others 2010: Conspiracy to Murder, drugs related; doorstep shooting, surveillance.


R v Donaldson 2010: Commercial Fraud, acting for the finance director of Blenheim estates.


R v Haslem 2009: Attorney General Reference 50 of 2009.


R v Shirley 2009: Attorney General Reference 55 of 2009.


Attorney General's Reference (No 33 of 2009) (R v G) [2009] EWCA Crime 1635 Court of Appeal: Successfully resisted a Reference by the Attorney General stating that the sentence was unduly lenient. G was a prolific burglar but at the age of 55 he had finally owned up to the fact that he had an entrenched drug addiction. More importantly, on remand in prison he had demonstrated real determination to deal with his addiction - even becoming a mentor to other recovering addicts. The sentencing judge was persuaded that G had reached a critical stage in his life and should be given "the chance of a lifetime" to receive drug treatment in the community rather than 4 years imprisonment. The Court of Appeal agreed that in such exceptional circumstances a judge could pass a non-custodial sentence, even on a third strike burglar. Whilst the sentence was merciful, it was not unduly lenient.


R -v- Mansoor [Harrrow CrownCourt 2006]: A 4 handed conspiracy to import / supply Class “A” drugs with an actual supply to two undercover officers. The issues included entrapment and duress and the admissibility and relevance of an intelligence gathering interview (the officers were in the witness box for 3 ½ days). The defendant was in the witness box, giving evidence in chief for 3 days. The defendant admitted to being a retired drugs dealer / police informant in Nairobi, Kenya.


R -v- Sugirthan [Middlesex CrownCourt2005]: Murder. The issues included the conflict of expert evidence as to whether the stab wound was consistent with the claim of self defence, whether the client was fit to plead and stand trial and whether “he did the act.” Mental Health Act disposal.


R -v- Singh [Birmingham Crown Court 2002]: A 6 handed conspiracy to supply Class “A” drugs. The National Crime Squad’s Operation Sherpa, set up to investigate the activities of various individuals who were suspected of being involved in the unlawful supply of controlled drugs between London and Birmingham. Case involved detailed surveillance evidence over many months, culminating in the alleged handover of a quantity of heroin at a half-way point in Luton. Defendant seen entering car in which drugs were subsequently recovered carrying a carrier bag and then leaving empty handed. Drugs recovered from carrier bag wrapped in local North London newspaper. Defendant acquitted.


R v Summers: Historic sex case involving multiple rape of multiple complainants.


R v Joyce [Oxford Crown Court]: Junior alone, robbery involving a 'knifepoint carjacking'.


R -v- Simao [Wood Green Crown Court]:  An 8 handed, major nationwide D.S.S. fraud.


R v Cox and Others: Racist stabbing, murder, reported as the ‘new Stephen Lawrence Case’ which involved the direct intervention of the home secretary.


R v A and Another: Representation of members of the SAS on transfer of firearm charges, involving the only serving SAS officer ever to be prosecuted.


R v D and Another [Oxford Crown Court]: Representing a client alleged to have carried our numerous armed robberies at petrol stations and convenience stores.



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