Matthew Kirk

Position(s)  Barrister

Area(s) of Practice  Criminal Defence, Advocacy, Road Transport

Location(s)  London

Phone  07830 186 746


Matthew Kirk was called to the bar in 2001 and is a Barrister for the Crown Court team specialising in  in murder, other serious violence, serious sexual offending and drugs cases.

In addition, Matthew is frequently before the Court of Appeal, reducing sentences and challenging convictions.  Notably, Matthew acted for Burinskas in R v Burinskas and others, the leading case on dangerousness and how the most serious offenders should be sentenced.

Matthew studied at Oxford University before coming to the Bar.  He brings a fine analytical mind to his cases but excels too as a powerful and persuasive jury advocate.

Matthew has particularly expertise in mental health.  He has practiced extensively in the Mental Health Review Tribunal and many of his criminal cases revolve around the mental health of defendants. 

Notable Cases:


R v Crane (Leicester Crown Court)
Concerning brutal assault following sustained exploitation.  Issues relating to causation and intent.  Succeeded in securing manslaughter.

R v Cooper (Birmingham Crown Court)
Concerning two brothers using chloroform to kill one’s lover and concealing body.

R v S (Northampton Crown Court)
Concerning a sustained multi-handed assault described as torture, and the significance of alcohol dependency syndrome.

R v Cybula (Luton Crown Court)
Concerning a motiveless attack on a stranger in the street.

R v Curley (Reading Crown Court)
Concerning killing of step-mother and long-term provocation.

Other violence

R v E (Northampton Crown Court)
One punch manslaughter concerning self-defence.

R v R (Northampton Crown Court)
R cleared of attempted murder by strangulation of his ex-partner in sado-masochistic relationship.

R v H (Central Criminal Court)
Child cruelty involving baby suffering multiple broken bones.

Death by dangerous driving cases

R v H (Central Criminal Court)
Sustained bad driving and attempts to disguise car.

R v Agnew (Luton Crown Court)
Two killed by senior American serviceman.

Recent serious sexual offending

R v G (Northampton Crown Court)
Historic allegations by fifteen separate complainants.

R v F (Northampton Crown Court)
Senior social worker acquitted of campaign of rapes in care home.

R v J (Luton Crown Court)
Step-father acquitted of rapes of three daughters.

R v R (Northampton Crown Court)
Tattooist acquitted of raping client.


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