Michael Herford

Position(s)  Solicitor, Consultant

Area(s) of Practice  Business Defence, Criminal Defence

Location(s)  National

Phone  07875 049 766

Email  michael.herford@cartwrightking.co.uk

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Michael Herford is a Consultant Solicitor specialising in general crime.

Michael has represented clients on a wide variety of matters, a number of which have been reported in the national press.

Michael has specialised in criminal litigation from the outset and has attended police stations throughout the Greater London boroughs and beyond on an almost daily basis over the past 8 years to provide advice and guidance to his clients during this highly sensitive and crucial time.

Michael has a well established reputation for providing reliable and consistently accurate advice to his growing client base, and if necessary, a strong defence for his clients during the prosecution process.

Michael has a breadth of experience in defending clients for the following offences:

  • Cyber Crime: Computer Misuse Act offences; Hacking; Malware & phishing offences; Breach of Copyright and Trademark; Spreading viruses, Identify theft; DDOS attacks & Botnets
  • Public Order Offences: Freedom of speech; protests; and anti-social behaviour
  • Fraud: White collar, identification & online
  • People Trafficking
  • Kidnap
  • Firearm Offences
  • Money Laundering
  • Proceeds of Crime
  • Sexual Offences: Rape, voyeurism and outraging public decency
  • Drugs: Possession; possession with intent to supply; and drugs importation conspiracies
  • Road traffic Offences: No insurance; drink driving, dangerous driving and TWOC
  • TFL Licence Revocation Hearings/Appeals
  • Murder
  • Assault: Grievous Bodily Harm and other associated offences
  • Theft: Shop lifting, robbery and burglary

Matters that Michael has been involved with that have been reported in the press include:

  • Alleged people trafficking with an international element investigated by the National Crime Agency
  • The Fortnum and Mason's Occupation
  • Royal wedding ('Pre-crime' arrests)
  • London Riots
  • Anti Shell protest arrests over Shell's plans to drill for oil in the Arctic
  • Anti Fracking Protests
  • Representing climate change protestors protesting against the expansion of Heathrow

Professional Memberships:

Member of the Criminal Law Solicitors Association
Member of The Law Society
Member of the Black Solicitors Network
Member of the Asian Lawyers Association


"My solicitor Michael Herford provided me with an exceptional standard of professional support and help recently. He went above and beyond to ensure I receive the best possible outcome in my case. Michael really took the stress off me at this very difficult time. He advised and guided me through the whole process with empathy and compassion. All communication was clear and he always responded promptly to any concerns I had. Also kept me constantly updated which was very reassuring. Thanks to his expertise, patience and diligence we achieved a very positive outcome in my case. I am incredibly grateful to him and can honestly say I could not have asked for a better solicitor." - Client testimonial, 22nd April 2018

"From the first time I spoke with Michael Herford, he made me feel so at ease. He was extremely friendly and I had no issue with approaching him during the entire length of the process , he always made me feel that my case mattered and he was happy to help. Michael did a very good job communicating with me and explaining the details of the case and possible outcomes and always provided me with regular updates.He had so much patience and I never left a conversation feeling confused. Michael did his very best to be on top of things, even when the case took place over the Christmas and New year holidays. It was his priority to keep things moving and get the best result.I was extremely happy to have Michael and Cartwright King representing me and I would definitely recommend them as I was so happy with their service and got the result I wanted." - Client testimonial, 23rd February 2018

"My solicitor Michael Herford was excellent. He was very professional and accessible throughout the case and was very helpful and reassuring from the start at a very stressful time after allegations from my previous business partner. I am very glad that I chose to use Cartwright King's services and I am very pleased with the outcome. I would fully recommend their services and especially Michael, I could not have asked for a better solicitor to represent me." - Client testimonial, 20th February 2018

'The service from Michael Herford was outstanding in every aspect.' - Client testimonial, November 2017

"From the very beginning to the end, my solicitor Michael Herford has been very professional, understanding, hardworking and helpful. He has gone extra miles to make our case stand out. His support has been very useful in our difficult period and we knew that we could count on him." - Client testimonial, November 2017

"My solicitor was Michael Herford. I felt he went above and beyond. He is a brilliant solicitor who is very good at what he does. I must say, I've been very happy with the services provided by Cartwright King Solicitors." - Client testimonial, November 2017

"Michael Herford- Top solicitor!" - Client testimonial, October 2017

"Very, very happy with the service. Easy access to a Solicitor. Swift response and advice to any query or concerns I may have. Able to contact Michael when needed with any concerns I may have. Would definitely recommend to family and friends who are in need of a solicitor. Would gladly use Cartwright King Solicitors again without any hesitation on my part." - Client testimonial, October 2017

"Thank you so much Michael. You've more than exceeded my expectations, I really appreciate all your time and effort in fighting for me. I can say that Michael was the only one that listened to me when no one cared about my situation. I have no hesitation in recommending Michael and Cartwright King Solicitors." - Client Testimonial, September 2017

"Highly committed, reliable and on top of that a perfectionist on giving legal advice! Thank you Micheal for your service." - Client Testimonial, June 2017

"Top solicitor- very on the ball - felt in safe hands - excellent company." - Client Testimonial, April 2017

"Michael Herford made me feel so comfortable from our first chat over the phone and when we met in person I knew i had made the right decision. On the day of the court Michael proved my innocence and I was found not guilty, all charges were dropped and justice happened. In my opinion Michael Herford was my angel, who helped the truth to come out." - Client Testimonial, March 2017


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