Wendy Miller

Position(s)  Barrister

Area(s) of Practice  Criminal Defence, Advocacy

Location(s)  Birmingham

Phone  07720 822 614

Email  wendy.miller@cartwrightking.co.uk

Wendy Miller is a Barrister for our bespoke in-house Chambers.

Since being called to the Bar at Middle Temple Inn, Wendy has practiced criminal law for over 15 years. Her career at the Criminal Bar has seen her deal in both prosecution and defence across the entire criminal spectrum. 

An outstanding advocate who deals with the most serious of criminal offences, Wendy has been instructed in a variety of cases which include non-fatal violence, child cruelty, GBH, arson, kidnap, attempted murder, allegations of violence, rape and sexual assault (current and historical), fraud and other dishonesty, drugs offences, robbery, burglary and  POCA confiscation hearings of high value.

Her  extensive experience dealing with clients with mental illness has contributed to her being approachable while she consistently establishes an excellent rapport with legal and lay clients. Wendy is therefore a highly regarded criminal practitioner.


Notable Cases

R v G: Beer keg (scrap metal industry) conspiracy to steal - 3 month trial – 13 defendants against Queens Counsel. Multi-million pound fraud against several major breweries.

R v J: Evasion of excise duty on contraband cigarettes - 15 million - 13 defendants - represented Mr J, the UK syndicate leader. Crown represented by leading and junior counsel.

R v A: Attempted murder by strangulation. Defendant (16 years old) and victim, both patients in a psychiatric hospital. Defendant unfit to plead - issues over whether the defendant "did the acts" as opposed to intention.

R v T: Child cruelty - 6 week old baby suffered a contusional cleft to the left frontal lobe (brain injury), a fractured femur, and suspected cerebral palsy. There were many issues in the case concerning causation. Whether the injuries were related to a birth injury, shaking, and deliberate twisting or impact injury. Complex issues in order to deal with cross examination of experts. Defendant acquitted after two year litigation.

R v R: Knife point robbery of 82 year old woman in her own home. Complex cross examination due to the age and vulnerability of the IP.

R v C: Gun point robbery in an off licence (5 year old child present) - intricate technical assessment of cell site analysis and ballistics experts.

R v F: Rape - 52 counts of rape and indecent assault (historic: victim from age 5 to 18 yrs). Defendants: father/paramedic (client and 1st defendant) and SAS member (2nd defendant). The case had a number of sensitive issues. The defendant had allegedly used entonox gas to assist him in facilitating vaginal, anal and oral rapes upon his daughter. Complex disclosure issues: application for all redacted material concerning a co - defendant (SAS member) to be un-redacted/disclosed. Issues concerned the Ministry of Defence and the right to anonymity.

R v R: Child rape - 4 year old complainant / defendant 16 years old. Defendant acquitted after child admitted she was fabricating the charges following challenging cross examination.



“Wendy is a fantastic barrister and person and I wanted to express how hard she worked to clear my husband. Throughout this process the one and only thing you wish for is for someone other than your family to have faith and belief that you did not commit that crime. Wendy showed this without any words, she worked so hard to know our case inside out, this certainly showed in the court room and she made the prosecution barrister look like an amateur. My husband is not the best with words and his memory is shocking, Wendy was extremely patient with him and sat and explained things to him in terms that he understood. Wendy told us exactly how things stood and if it was bad it was bad and if it was good then great but never at any point did we feel we were misled or in the dark, in fact, her tactics were so great that you only realise after that she knew exactly how to get the best out of us without us even realising ourselves. She knew what to say and when, particularly before myself and P went on the witness stand; I went from being a nervous wreck to actually not being able to wait to get up there and tell my story. I know P felt the same.

We had a lot of family attend court to support us during the course of the week and Wendy spent time explaining the process to each and every one of them to ensure they understood, she showed compassion but at the same time remained professional.

I am a true believer in that things happen for a reason and it was a blessing that Wendy was given our case, she certainly is an asset to Cartwright King and your department and to us, she will always be the person that gave us our lives back and we will be forever grateful.” - Client Testimonial

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