Becoming a Franchisee

In 2016 we set up our legal services franchise in England and Wales. We offer an innovative new way to practice law, which breaks down many of financial and regulatory issues that lawyers are facing in the current market.

We are looking for individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit, exceptional skills in their practice area and those who are ready to make a commitment to being a part of our ethical business.

Are you tired of working long hours and billing significant amounts, without seeing the career development or the increased financial benefit from your hard work? If you would the like independence, freedom and the opportunity to see better financial returns, then becoming a director of your own franchise may be for you.

We know that running a successful law firm means high costs, back office overheads and time consuming regulatory compliance tasks. This deters many successful individuals from setting up on their own, however this is where our franchise framework comes in.

We provide the opportunity to develop your practice and focus on the law, without the risks associated with setting up your own firm. We provide the regulatory and business framework for you to develop a successful legal business, focusing on practicing law rather than running a business.

How much does it cost?

Low, Fixed Rate Start Up Cost

Low % Of Annual Income To Pay

Low, Negotiable, Fixed Rate Monthly Payments

Rates are dependent on the franchise level, but they are substantially lower than previous models seen in the market place. Email to find our your potential franchise costs.

Why Join?

We understand that more people want to work for themselves. The legal market is getting increasingly competitive and there are constant challenges from ABSs, foreign entrants, DIY services and non-legal providers. In the next 10 years the investment needed by firms in development, marketing and in non-lawyer support professionals will increase exponentially. You can meet these challenges today by becoming a franchisee.

We believe that the legal services market needs a franchise which doesn't charge high initial set up costs, provides a higher level of support and takes the time to understand individual’s needs. A one size fits all model, providing just a law firm in box is not what we provide. We see franchisees as a part of the Cartwright King family. We have reduced the barriers to entry for those individuals wanting to set up on their own and have increased the level of support previously offered by this business model.

Our solution reduces risk, capital investment and provides the opportunity for increased financial rewards for the franchisee. Imagine receiving the bills that you generate without the restrictions on pricing structure, meaning you can gain a competitive price advantage over your competiors. The only costs you have are a negotiable, fixed rate, monthly or annual payment to cover all your necessary back office functions and support, plus a small percentage of annual income depending on your franchise level.

We want to get to know your business, as we understand that each practice area, sector and location needs a different approach and strategy.

You can choose the level of investment you wish to make, in terms of the levels of support that you require and we'll help determine your needs from our initial discussion stages.

Becoming a franchisee offers you the opportunity to work for yourself, including the freedom to choose your hours, hourly rates and set your own fixed fees.


Franchisees will enjoy the benefits of joining a large organisation and being a member of the CK family. Our franchise package includes:

  • Setting up your own firm without the risks and costs attached
  • Ability to scale up and down as you see fit and to receive a better work life balance.
  • Provides the opportunity for increased financial returns
  • Increased career development, becoming a director of your own practice
  • Provided with excellent support, including: IT infrastructure, cloud based system for remote working, bespoke case management system, centralised back office functions, knowledge management system, PII insurance, billing and payment chasing, IT backup & disaster recovery, security of a national brand, client login facility, costs draftsman, online payments, marketing & branding training and business development mentoring
  • Benefits of purchasing power, front line support, centralised 24 hour call centre, 24 hour email monitoring and meeting rooms around the country
  • Tap into a winning formula for growth, lead generation and practice management
  • Focus on the law and providing exceptional client service
  • Take advantage our national and local memberships and networking opportunities around the country
  • Ability to use a national website to attract work with blogging, SEO and content marketing
  • Social media, LinkedIn and networking training
  • Work from home, set up a location or join an existing CK office
  • File review audits for quality analysis
  • Provided with an Operations Manual and Legal Agreement

Am I eligible?

We’re looking for individuals in private practice across the country who are tired of not receiving the financial benefits of their hard work, hours and billing targets. Individuals who want to take the opportunity to become a director of their own law firm and who have a following or want the freedom to develop their practice.

We will consider applicants practicing in any area of law, but we are also actively looking to speak to those currently in Commercial, Employment, Immigration and Wills & Probate.

Enquire Now

To have an initial, confidential discussion about running your own Cartwright King franchise, please email or call us on 0808 168 5550 to find out more or start your application today by clicking here.

Applicants will undergo an initial assessment, which will review: level of experience, ethics, ethos and record with the SRA.

Cartwright King is a national, award winning law firm with 19 offices across the country. We currently offer legal services in 14 practice areas and employ over 280 people. We are an ethical business who are committed to providing access to justice and quality legal advice to our clients.

For further information please get in touch with our dedicated team.

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