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Increasingly we are finding that our clients wish to communicate with us by text and email. We have invested significantly in IT and we are keen to do that as it allows for less delay and confidence that you will actually receive the material and case papers that you need to have access to.

There are however areas of our work where it is vital that confidentiality of information and keeping data secure is paramount. In those areas of our work where the nature of the communication brings it within the ambit of sensitive personal data then we have invested in a sure and secure way of you accessing your correspondence safely with no fear of it being seen by anyone other than you.

We have created a section within our website through which you can access your letters and case papers so that you can view, and if needs be, download them on to your computer.  At the start of the case we will give you a secure password which is exclusive to you.  Through this you will only be able to see documents relating to your case.  You will not be able to see our other clients’ cases papers and they will not be able to see yours – this safe secure way of communicating with you is entirely confidential.

We will of course and from time to time rely on getting material to you in the post and through the Document Exchange if you a are a member but as the 21st century gathers pace we are keen to take full advantage of the latest technologies.

We also rely heavily on modern telephony and if your lawyer is one who spends a good deal of their working day either in courts, police stations, hospitals or at meetings then you can contact him or her through their mobile phone. In this way you are assured of avoiding switchboards and lengthy call menus!

All the details setting out how to contact your lawyer will be provided to you at the start of your case.

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