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We always want to obtain the best result possible for you. Please remember that the best result might not be what you want to happen. For example getting unpleasant family situations to be resolved quickly without any further emotional trauma or making a criminal prosecution go away is often quite impossible but within that there are still ways of us improving your position enormously. In order for us to do so we will need your cooperation.

People come to us because they know we fight hard for them and to do so we, in return, would ask that you:

  • Keep all appointments offered and arranged.
  • Let us know if you cannot make an appointment or might be late for it.​
  • Always turn up in court when asked or required by law to do so. If you do not the Court may make an order against you that you do not agree with or even find the case proved against you in your absence.​
  • Deal with all correspondence quickly and contact us by phone /email if asked.
  • Never ask us to so anything unethical or unlawful – we won’t do it!
  • Keep us advised of your whereabouts and where you are living, particularly if you have a court case. In criminal cases it can be a breach of the terms of bail if you do not to do that.

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