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What happens to my business in a divorce?

15th Dec 2014 News

When a divorce takes place, consideration has to be given to the assets of the marriage and how they are to be divided. Businesses used to be protected within divorce proceedings but this has vastly changed since the leading case of White v White. This case established the yardstick of equality and led to a […]

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PAMS assessment

15th Dec 2014 News

PAMS stands for ‘Parent Assessment Manual’. Being a parent is not easy and every parent has a different style of parenting. If social services have child protection concerns about your children you may be asked to have a PAMS assessment. PAMS is a guide used by social services to work with and assess parents and […]

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Decree Nisi and Decree Absolute

31st Oct 2014 News

The Decree Nisi is the provisional decree in divorce proceedings. It is at this stage that a Judge pronounces that you are entitled to a divorce.  The Decree Nisi does not end the marriage. The media often report that couples, normally celebrities, are granted a “quickie divorce in less than 60 seconds” by a court. This […]

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Divorce – What is unreasonable behaviour?

13th Oct 2014 News

A divorce petition based on unreasonable behaviour is used to bring an end to a marriage in many divorces. The unreasonable behaviour is from the Petitioner’s point of view and must be behaviour that they find intolerable to live with. Unreasonable behaviour can take many forms. Approximately four or five examples of the Respondent’s behaviour […]

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Immigration Advice Service in Birmingham

29th Sep 2014 Press Release

Cartwright King has recently set up a new, Immigration clinic in Birmingham. If you live in or around Birmingham and have any immigration problems, you can now book an appointment to see us for some initial advice. We are working in conjunction with the Library of Birmingham’s business and learning team and together we have […]

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Divorce without consent

29th Sep 2014 News

What to do when you want a divorce and your spouse doesn’t! There is one basic ground for divorce in England and Wales and that is that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. This ground is supported by one of five facts upon which you can rely. The five facts are: •    Adultery •    Unreasonable […]

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How do i get a post-nuptial agreement in the UK?

28th Sep 2014 News

There may be reasons why a couple proposing marriage decide against a prenuptial agreement, such as lack of appetite for the task or limited time available. Today the act of marriage itself is no longer a barrier to a couple who reconsider their position after their union and decide to enter into an arrangement as […]

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I want to bring my spouse from Pakistan to the UK

28th Aug 2014 News

You will need to make an entry clearance application before travelling. The application needs to be made on line and will allow you to generate an appointment where the online application with supporting documents needs to be submitted. Gerry’s International is a company that manages the visa application centres for the UK in Pakistan where you […]

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Can I bring my Filipina wife to the UK?

14th Aug 2014 News

You can bring your Filipina wife to the UK by making an entry clearance application as a spouse or an unmarried partner if you are not legally married but have lived together for 2 years in a relationship akin to marriage. The application must be made online, and you will be required to book a […]

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How to move to England legally?

13th Aug 2014 News

If you wish to come and live in the UK there are many different types of application that you can make. These include the following: Moving to the UK to study – Tier 4 application. Moving to the UK for work – Tier 2 applications. Moving to the UK as an entrepreneur or an investor – […]

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Discretionary Leave To Remain Entitlements

13th Aug 2014 News

If you are having difficulty meeting the UK government’s requirements to stay in the country indefinitely, a good option to explore is to apply for discretionary leave to remain. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the important considerations regarding discretionary leave to remain. This includes the old and new rules, article […]

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Apply for a UK visa in Malaysia

12th Aug 2014 News

The first step toward making an entry clearance visa application is to be sure what type if visa you need. Some categories can be complex and you may need to consult a solicitor. Once you know what visa is required, you will need to make an online application. This can be done on the Visa4UK […]

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