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The Darknet, Myth and Reality

11th Sep 2015 News

How real is the darknet? How disturbing does the content actually get? These questions have come into focus in recent days as a result of an online hoax involving a so called “red room” website. A “red room” is supposedly the online equivalent of a snuff video, a site where users can view a live […]

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Lizard Squad vs The NCA

31st Aug 2015 News

The National Crime Agency’s attempts to get to grips with online crime and hacking continued this week with the arrests of six people in the UK in “Operation Vivarium” The aptly named operation targeted users of hacking group Lizard Squad’s “Lizard Stresser” tool. The NCA say that this software that allowed users to pay a […]

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How do I stop my ex from harassing me?

5th May 2015 News

When relationships end it can be a traumatic and difficult time. Unfortunately, some people experience behaviour from their ex that can be frightening, intimidating and relentless. No one should have to live with harassment or intimidation. If you find yourself in a situation where your ex is harassing you there are several things you should […]

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Perverting the course of justice

13th Feb 2015 News

What is a “course of justice”? The offence of perverting the course of justice is committed when an accused: does an act or series of acts; which has or have a tendency to pervert the course of justice, and is intended to pervert the course of justice. This increasingly prosecuted offence has gained high profile […]

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