Employment Tribunal Fees

Fees are now payable in the employment tribunal and vary depending on your type of claim.  

Type A claims tend to be more straight forward for the tribunal to deal with and so have lower fees. These include claims about:

It costs £160 to submit an ET1 claim form for a Type A claim to an employment tribunal and a further £230 for the hearing fee.  

Type B claims involve more complicated issues for the tribunal to decide so the fee is higher. These are claims involving:

You may not have to pay the tribunal fees if you are on a low income or receiving certain state benefits. The leaflet “EX160A Court and Tribunal Fees Do I have to Pay Them” tells you more about the fee remission system and includes the remission application form. The EX160A is available from any tribunal or online at www.hmctsformfinder.justice.gov.uk.

If your claim involves more than one claim and includes both Type A and Type B claims, you will only need to pay one Type B fee.

It is very important that you send the correct fee or application to the remission scheme with your ET1 claim form. If you don’t, the tribunal will reject your claim and return your claim form to you.  If this happens, any time limit which applies to your claim will still be running and you must resend the claim form, with the correct fee within that time limit.

If you resend your claim form outside the time limit, you will have the opportunity to explain to an employment judge why it is late and ask them to extend the time limit. There is no guarantee that the employment judge will agree to extend the time limit and they may refuse to hear your claim.  

You can pay your fee and make your claim online at the following address: www.employmenttribunals.service.gov.uk. The online system provides a quick, simple and convenient method to submit your claim. If you instruct us to represent you we will submit the claim on your behalf but we will ask you to pay money on account first to cover the tribunal fee.

The hearing fee is payable at a later date, usually around eight weeks before your hearing is due to be heard. If you subsequently settle your claim, your hearing fee will not be refunded. We can help you with without prejudice settlement negotiations so that your hearing fee is covered as part of the agreement.  

If you are submitting your claim online, you can only pay by debit or credit card. If you send your claim by post, you can pay by cheque or postal order.  For claims in England and Wales, post your claim with a cheque or postal order for the correct amount to: Employment Tribunal Central Office, PO Box 10218, Leicester, LE1 8EG. You should make your cheque payable to HM Courts and Tribunal Service. If you have difficulty paying online by card or by cheque or postal order by post, you should contact the employment tribunal public enquiry line on 0845 795 9775.

If your claim succeeds, the tribunal will generally order your employer to reimburse you for your tribunal fees.

Multiple Claims

If you are part of a group action because you are all making a similar claim against your employer, different fees will apply, depending on the number of people named on the claim form.  

Number of People named on the claim form

Type A only

Mixture of Type A and Type B, or Type B claims only

Between 2 and 20 £320 £500
Between 11 and 200 £640 £1,000
Between 201 or more £960 £1,500

Hearing fees in multiple claims will be based on the number of people in the fee group and the type of claim.

Number of People named on the claim form Type A only

Mixture of Type A and Type B, or Type B claims only

Between 2 and 20  £460 £1,900
Between 11 and 200 £920 £3,800
Between 201 or more £1,380 £5,700
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