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28th October 2016

Employment Law: Confidentiality of pre-termination negotiations and settlement agreements

Issue In recent years, there has been a lot of ink expended on the differences between protection offered by the common law “without prejudice” privilege compared with the statutory based…

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19th October 2016

Employment Law: Brexit Update

The House of Commons Library has issued a briefing paper on what the implications might be for employment law following Brexit. Issue By way of gentle reminder, the United Kingdom…

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21st July 2016

Employment Case Looms over Uber

According to the Guardian, Uber are facing a court case which began on 20th July as 19 drivers claim that they should be officially recognised as employees for the company,…

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Our Fraud Solicitors, Laura Smith and Sundeep Soor, have successfully defended a client who was charged with Conspi… https://t.co/EPdc3PPHOb

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