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Harry Bowyer

R v F Junior Counsel: Gang murder. All defendants acquitted after successful submission of no case to answer.

R v D Junior Counsel: Conspiracy to Murder. Convicted Murderer conspiring to murder witnesses from his original trial. Crown drop case after disclosure requests.

R v P Junior Counsel: Mother indicted for the manslaughter of six of her children in a house fire in Derby.

R v P Leading Junior: Three month VOSA fraud.

R v B Junior alone: £1 million+ Tobacco Fraud. Defendant acquitted after three week trial.

General Crime

R v H Court of Appeal: Sentence of 34 months for handling stolen goods reduced to 24 months imprisonment. 

R v K Lorry driver acquitted after trial on allegations of importing 50 kilos of cocaine (£10 million pounds at street value) and possession with intent to supply.

Reported cases

R v. D [2003] 1 Cr.App.R 6 CA (Archbold 16-78) Insolvency Act 1986. Case focussed on reverse burdens of proof in the light of the European Convention on Human Rights.

R v K; R v F; R v B [2008] The Times, July 10 2008 (Archbold 33-13) Agreement to aid and abet an offence is not in law capable of constituting a criminal conspiracy.

​Alwyn Jones

R v B Sole Counsel for the defence in a murder by use of a samurai sword.

R v G Defence Junior in a 9 defendant gang related murder — defendant acquitted following legal submissions to stop the trial.

Serious sexual offences
R v B Defence counsel for a 14 year old boy with learning difficulties charged with rape of a 12 year old girl.

R v Y Defence counsel in a multi defendant case involving the organised sexual exploitation of teenage girls.

Fraud and dishonesty
R v H Lead defence counsel on multi defendant conspiracy to defraud the Revenue of in excess of £1 million pounds of duty on the production of illicit vodka.

R v S Defence counsel on a large scale fraud against train companies.

Serious Violence
R v D Defence counsel in 4 week multi defendant trial at the “Old Bailey” involving the aggravated burglary and robbery of house occupants by the injecting of Ketamine.

R v W Defence counsel for a man charged with riot and arson following the petrol bombing of a police station.

Serious Drugs
R v H Leading defence counsel in a multi defendant conspiracy to import class A drugs — involved cross border enquiries and the application of UK and Dutch law.

R v W Defence counsel on a trial of the importation of Class A drugs from USA and Far East by the use of airfreight consignments.

R v A Defence of a man charged with a gang related shooting in a street with intent to endanger life — acquitted after trial involving complex issues of expert ballistic evidence.

R v B Defence of an allegation of possession of firearms for gang related purposes.

R v S Defence of a man charged with aiding and abetting causing death by dangerous driving by allowing another to drive when under the influence of alcohol.

R v J Defence in a Jury tampering trial.

​Matthew Smith

R v P acted as junior advocate in 3 month £3mill + VOSA conspiracy to defraud trial.

R v M case received national / international coverage having been picked up by Reuters — reported as far a field as the Los Angeles Times and Times of India — Dad who was prosecuted for taking his 14 yr old son to prostitute for his 14th birthday present. Immediate prison sentence avoided.

R v H defendant prosecuted for aid + abet no insurance where death was caused — Immediate custody avoided.

Richard Murray


R v L Junior in a ‘shaken baby’ case, which revolved around the death of an 11 month old boy. Responsible for the instruction of an expert from America regarding the mechanics of falling injuries and the similarities with injuries caused by shaking. Client acquitted of murder.

R v P Junior for a woman with an alcohol dependency, who was one of three people charged with beating a man to death in a derelict building. This was a ‘cut throat’ case and revolved around blood spattering evidence. 

Serious sexual offences

R v S Represented a man, with substantial mental health issues, charged with the attempted rape of a female friend. Client acquitted after trial.

R v S Acted for a school bus driver, alleged to have been involved in a sexual relationship with a 14 year old girl.

R v H Represented a man charged with the systematic abuse of his two young nieces over a number of years, which included the video recording of the activity.

Serious Violence

R v W Represented a man charged with GBH for slashing the throat of a man outside a Public House with a knife. The case went to trial on the issue of identification and involved arguments of admissibility concerning the reliability of identifications made by Police Officers.

R v M Represented a client who was one of 3 people accused of repeatedly stamping on the head of the victim due to a drugs debt. The victim suffered substantial brain injuries and was hospitalised for a number of months. The case went to trial where the other two Defendants blamed M for the attack. M was acquitted of causing GBH with intent.

R v I Represented I, who was one of 6 Defendants charged with abducting and torturing the victim over an alleged botched drugs deal. The victim was subjected to days of assaults involving a hammer and hot iron and threatened with a firearm. I was acquitted at trial.

Serious drugs
R v L: L was one of 7 people charged with conspiracy to supply a large quantity of class A drugs. The allegation was that the conspirators operated throughout the length and breadth of the UK and part of the operation was conducted by gang members inside prison establishments.

R v W Represented one of over 20 people charged with conspiring to supply class A drugs in the Coventry area. This was a large Police operation aimed at severely restricting the supply of drugs in the city. W was acquitted of the conspiracy.

R v S: S was acting as a courier and warehouseman. He was found in possession of over 5.5Kg of cocaine, which was over 75% purity.

Court of appeal
S v DPP Successfully represented a client who appealed his I.P.P. sentence imposed for a string of robberies of small convenience stores. The I.P.P. sentence was replaced by a determinate sentence.

M v DPP Successfully represented the appellant in overturning his I.P.P. sentence for robbery. The indeterminate sentence was quashed and an extended sentence was substituted.

Sophie Murray

R v S (CA) successfully overturned an IPP for sentence for Sexual Assault.

R v S (CA) successfully overturned a conviction for Sexual Assault setting a legal precedent regarding cross-examination on previous inconsistent statements.

R v B and Others part of the “Hole in the Wall Gang” who pleaded guilty to commercial burglary amounting to in excess of £650,000.

​Barry White

R v S Court of Appeal — successful appeal — reduction in sentence from 7 years to 4.5 for historic child abuse offences.

R v B Law student — multi handed trial — robberies — found not guilty after trial.

R v B Exposure — found not guilty after trial.

​Kevin Waddingham

Historic sexual abuse case in Bradford Crown Court against a senior member of staff at a school for ‘difficult boys’ in late 70’s/early 80’s. The school is the subject of a ‘class action’ from several former pupils in respect of mainly physical abuse from staff. Our client only 1 prosecuted. Civil action against the Trustees of the school stayed pending the criminal case outcome). 4 seperate complainant's, all ‘damaged goods’ to some extent in terms of their behaviour at the time and since. Client first interviewed 2009 with no previous — strenuous denials. Aged early 70’s. 20+ years if convicted and compensation floodgates for school trustees. Declined public funding — privately funded. 1st trial 1 x NG but hung jury on rest of counts. 2nd trial acquitted all counts. DCO for whole case.

​Regan Peggs

R v C Assault by one Elvis impersonator on another in a hotel room. Client received a suspended sentence.

R v C Client filmed policemen’s penises in a McDonalds toilet. Suspended sentence imposed.

R v E. Former police officer and teacher who filmed members of the public and colleagues using toilets. Suspended sentence imposed.

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