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Firearm Licence Appeals and Revocation

Your shotgun or firearm licence can be revoked by the Chief Police Officer through the County Firearms department who will either ask you to surrender your guns or they will be confiscated. The Police will allow you to take your firearms to a registered firearms dealer, another licence holder, or they will store them.

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We have an excellent reputation for successfully appealing revocations of firearm licences. Please call us, or email your enquiry using the contact form below for free initial advice on appealing your licence revocation.

Why has my licence been revoked?

They can remove your licence for a number of reasons including:

  • If they feel you are not able to handle a firearm safely due to ill health
  • If you may not be of sound mind or are otherwise too unstable to be entrusted with firearms or a shotgun
  • If you no longer have a good reason for holding a firearm/shotgun
  • If you are for some reason considered to be a danger to public safety
  • If you receive a sentence of 3 years or more in prison. You will also be prohibited from possessing or obtaining a firearms certificate for life
  • If you receive a custodial term of more than 3 months but less than 3 years. Under these circumstances you would also be prohibited from possessing firearms for a period of five years from the date on which you are released.

Ultimately the question asked is “Should this person have access to firearms?”

Can I appeal and get my licence back?

You have 21 days from receipt of the refusal or notice of revocation to appeal. An appeal may be made to the crown court if you believe it has been unfairly withdrawn or you have been unfairly categorised. 

It is imperative that you seek legal advice from Cartwright King before lodging any appeal. We offer a no obligation, free initial advice service to see if we can assist you in getting your licence returned.

How we can help you

Cartwright King’s specialist solicitors can provide advice on licensing requirements and help you:

  • apply for a licence
  • access the appeal process from contacting the firearms office to the application to appeal to reviewing the decision through Crown Court.
  • apply to make amendments on licenses to allow for different or more guns to be held. 

Our specialist team can also offer general advice on firearms categories.

Our Fees

Fees are available on request. However your fees may be covered if you have BASC insurance in place. We offer a no obligation, free initial advice service to see if we can assist you. Please call us, or email your enquiry using the contact form below.

How to get in contact

Our critically acclaimed solicitors have exceptional experience in firearms & shooting law. 

For free initial advice please call us, or email your enquiry using the contact form below

We have offices across the UK and are on hand to defend you whenever you need us. Our offices are located in Birmingham, Bedford, Derby, Leeds, Leicester, London, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Northampton, Nottingham and Sheffield.

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