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Glen Henry was involved in R v A and others. A group of individuals charged with fraud relating to motor insurance companies of over £1 million.

According to City of London Police Motor insurance fraud is estimated to cost the UK insurance market over £1 billion annually. Many claims orchestrated by highly organised and sophisticated criminal gangs. Mr A whom Glen Henry was one such member. He was convicted after Trail to 4 years imprisonment. No Confiscation proceedings were taken against him. 

Motor Insurance Frauds can take many forms of which the following are a few: 

Contrived Accidents

These can be Submitting a claim for damage sustained in a collision that did not occur as the result of an accident i.e. taking pre-damaged vehicles to an accident ‘black-spot’ to create the impression an accident has occurred.

Induced road traffic accidents

The deliberately induced accident or ‘slam-on’ consists of organised criminals targeting innocent motorists by provoking collisions to facilitate compensation payment for this such as injury damage, hire vehicles, recovery and storage. Mr A was involved in such claims which often included the purchase of a cheap vehicle from an Auction and either staging an accident with a fellow gang member or “slam on” brakes in an accident on the way from that auction, often on more than occasion on the same day.

Phantom passenger claims

Opportunist and organised phantom passenger claims can arise as a result of both genuine and staged accidents. Many induced feature vehicles packed with claimants, all of who claim to have been injured.

Staged Accidents

Depending on the complexity of the fraud, two or more individuals will deliberately crash their vehicles into each other, potentially resulting in claims for: damage caused, injuries sustained, car hire costs, vehicle recovery, storage etc.

Application Fraud

A policyholder dishonestly misrepresents or fails to disclose material facts in order to lower the insurance premium. This can include non-disclosure of claims history, points on a driving licence, and/or car modifications.


A type of application fraud where a policy is purchased using another’s details to gain more favourable terms.

Opportunistic Fraud

Opportunistic frauds can be committed on all types of insurance, from motor or commercial liability personal injury claims to property, pet or travel insurance and beyond. It consists of an individual submitting a false claim either on a single or multiple occasions.

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