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Our Business Defence Cases


Advance fee fraud (£144 m). Investigation by SOCA. R v P. Acquitted of all charges at trial.

HBOS Impaired Assets Division fraud/corruption (£250m) investigation by SFO & Thames Valley Economic Crime Unit. Name withheld. Ongoing.

Alstom engineering group SFO investigation (£multi-million) into payments to secure overseas contracts (power generation and transport engineering). Ongoing.

SFO Mortgage Fraud Investigation (£750m) by SFO. No prosecution.

HMRC & Tax

MTIC VAT frauds (£19m & £850 m) re EU mobile phone and memory card carousel. Trial at Southwark Crown Court. R v H. Ongoing.

MTIC VAT Fraud (£450m) re EU mobile phone carousel. Trial at Southwark Crown Court (8th trial in a series). R v A. Ongoing.

Precious metal VAT Fraud investigation. Names withheld. Ongoing.

MTIC VAT Fraud (£20m) re EU mobile phone carousel. First trial of three planned at Kingston Crown Court. R v J. Ongoing.


Cash seizure (€500k) from high-profile international businessman by Scotland Yard. European evidence gathered & submitted. Name withheld. All cash returned with interest.

Cash seizure (£50k) from US businessman purchasing property overseas. Evidence gathered in US & Africa. Name withheld. All cash returned with interest and costs.

Cash seizure — many other cases across the UK (totalling over £1m) successfully challenged. Names withheld. Cash returned and third party interests protected.

Confiscation (£1m claimed) following prosecution for money laundering & tax evasion. R v Z. Order limited to £75k.

BIS & Commercial Investigations

Fraudulent trading (£10m) — the largest ever long firm fraud involving 60 companies at Southwark Crown Court. R v B & M. Ongoing.

Obstruction of liquidator prosecution against Director of company in liquidation. R v J. Acquitted at trial.

Insolvency Act offences and money laundering (£74 m) investigation by liquidator. Name withheld. No prosecution.

Director of leading industry heavyweight pensions administrator director prosecuted re allegations of mismanagement of financial products. Trial at Birmingham crown Court. R v M. Ongoing.

Dentist fraud (£1.4m) re fraudulent claims. Trial at Birmingham Crown Court. R v T. Ongoing.

False representations to obtain hospital contracts (£180k) prosecution at Gloucester Crown Court. R v P.

Defending several companies and individuals in investigations and prosecutions by the NHS Counter Fraud Unit. Names withheld. Ongoing.

Care Quality Commission
Advising several social care home businesses in relation to licensing issues and investigations by the Care Quality Commission and Local Authorities. Names withheld. Ongoing.

Representing the Director (and Manager) of a care home at a Coroner’s Court Inquest following the sudden death of a resident.

Representing 8 employees of a care home during a 5 day Coroner’s Court Inquest following the death of a resident when restrained by staff.

Health & Safety

A nationally recognised niche engineering company defended in an HSE prosecution following a workplace accident when an employee was crushed in a machine resulting in severe injuries. The case was kept in the Magistrates Court, a lower than expected fine achieved, and Directors’ personal liability avoided.

A corporate manslaughter investigation of an international company following fatal accident to a pedestrian during road re-surfacing works. A complicated factual matrix with many contractors and multiple layers of liability. Ongoing.

Coroner’s Court Inquest representation and investigation advice to a national provider of specialist traffic management services following a fatal accident during road works. Ongoing.


National flower grower prosecuted by Environment Agency for water pollution offences following pesticidal contamination of major water course. Successfully kept the case in the Magistrates’ Court thereby limiting financial penalties to levels far below that expected.

Large-scale waste haulier prosecuted by EA for illegal deposit of thousands of tonnes of construction waste. Detailed arguments on the meaning of waste and its interpretation in the construction industry. Ongoing.

Food waste recycling company prosecuted under Waste Management Regulations and Animal By-product legislation for depositing meat containing food waste as feed for ruminant animals. Lower than expected fines in the Magistrates’ Court achieved through excellent representation and negotiation.


National construction company investigated re separate allegations of breaches of Tree Preservation Orders at multiple sites. Reputational consequences and risk to project completion on time. Prosecution avoided in all cases.

Several businesses and individuals represented in criminal investigations re allegations of breaches of planning restrictions and/or failure to comply with Abatement Notices or Nuisance Notices.

Successfully defending a number of regional house builders for using unauthorised signage on the highway to advertise developments and breaches of advertising regulations. Prosecutions avoided.

Trading Standards & Other Agencies

Trading Standards
​National car dealership prosecuted for breaches of Consumer Protection legislation. Reputational impact kept to a minimum plus small financial penalties.

National mobile lifting platform importation and distribution company advised re product safety and recall issues. Liaison with non-UK manufacturer and third party consumers. No prosecution.

Partner in a large-scale home improvement business prosecuted under the Fraud Act for consumer protection offences re contractual terms of sale. Trial at Leicester Crown Court. R v M. Ongoing.

Fire Safety
Hotel prosecuted for multiple breaches of Fire Authority Prohibition Orders and fire safety legislation.

Property developer prosecuted for breaches of Prohibition Orders and fire safety breaches. Ongoing.

Charity represented re Environmental Health department investigations into premises safety, particularly fire safety policies and procedures. Lengthy investigation process completed and final decision pending.

Food Safety
Large-scale commercial diary investigated following suspicion of TB transmission from livestock to human food consumers. Traceability and regulatory compliance issues identified. Prosecution avoided.

Importation & distribution of unauthorised vetinary medicines (£5m) prosecution by DEFRA at Southwark & Croydon Crown Courts. The largest ever of its type with evidence from France, Belgium, Russia and Belize. R v F.

Food waste recycling company prosecution for unlawful handling of animal by-product waste. Lower than expected fines achieved.

Ofsted & Independent Safeguarding Unit
Directors of a child care business represented re allegations of breaches of care regulations resulting in full-scale criminal investigation and questioning under police caution. No formal action taken.

Childrens’ nursery investigated following multiple allegations of mismanagement and poor care. Ongoing.

Education & Health Care professionals represented re allegations of misconduct and issues relating to child and vulnerable person safety.

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