Community Care Assessments for Adults and Children

Local authorities have a duty (under the Children Act 1989 (for those under 18) or the NHS Community Care Act 1990) to assess the needs of individuals in their area when they are aware that someone may be in need of services. The threshold to trigger an assessment is low.

We can help if: 

  • The local authority refuses to undertake an assessment of need when one might reasonably be required
  • There is disagreement about the outcome of an assessment and errors may have been made which the local authority refuses to rectify
  • Having undertaken an assessment, the local authority then fails to provide services to meet eligible needs 
  • There is disagreement about a proposal by the local authority to change for the services it provides without having undertaken a reassessment of need
  • There is a change in circumstances, such as a deterioration in health, but the local authority fails to reassess need

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