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Cuts to Public Services for the Ill, Elderly or Disabled

Local authorities provide a range of excellent community support public services designed to help disadvantaged people have the same access to an independent community life as others. These services include day care services, transport to and from services and other community support which is not provided specifically to any one person but rather provided to all those in the community who can use and benefit from them.  

In these difficult economic times, local authorities have been faced with tough decisions about where to direct an ever decreasing pool of public funding with the result that some local authorities have taken decisions to stop providing some community services in order to save money.  

The law is clear about the way in which these decisions need to be taken and if the right process is not followed, then the decision to close services will not be lawful and can be reversed.

If you have concerns about the closure of local services including, for example: 

  • Transport services for the disabled or ill
  • Community day care services
  • Local hospitals
  • Local care homes

Speak to one of our experts to see whether we can help. Challenges to these types of decision must be made very promptly so do not delay in contacting us.

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