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Released Under Investigation

If you have had an interview with the police and have been released under investigation, you may well be stressed and in the dark with what is happening.

Being released under investigation means that the police investigation is still ongoing and they will notify you of a decision “at some point in the future’’.

Before April 2017, if the police had inquiries to conduct, suspects would be released on “police bail”. This meant that suspects had a date to come back to the police station and would likely be subject to bail conditions. The old system, unfortunately, left many people on bail for long periods, sometimes years and caused unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Since April 2017 when the Policing & Crime Act 2017 came into force, most people arrested by the police and interviewed as under caution are then ‘released under investigation’ (RUI).

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We provide criminal defence advice and representation whilst clients are released under investigation. We also provide criminal defence advice and police station representation.

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What does Released Under Investigation mean?

Effectively it means that the police investigation is still ongoing and that you will be notified later on of the outcome.

The changes to bail were brought in following adverse publicity in the media where some suspects had spent months or years subject to bail conditions. For the first time, the changes placed limits on how long people could spend on bail. 

The consequences of being RUI

Being ‘released under investigation’ can be a difficult and stressful time for clients. Suspects may find their lives on hold and will wonder when and if they get their life back to normal and put the investigation behind them.

If you have been released under investigation there are several steps that you can take. Firstly if you were not represented by a solicitor when you were originally interviewed then you can instruct a solicitor to act on your behalf. It is important that you have a solicitor that keeps in regular contact with the police and keeps you updated as to the progress in the case. If any property is no longer required for the investigation, we can also find out whether that can be released back to you.

Instructing the right solicitor early on in the investigation means we can decide whether inquiries need to be made to help preserve evidence, obtain witness statements or crucial exhibits.

How can we help

Our team will help find out if further interviews are required at this stage in the investigation and will be able to represent you at the police station if required. In the unfortunate event that you are charged, then we can defend you in court and fight your corner. We have one of the most well-known and expert defence teams in the country, consisting of solicitors, in-house barristers and Higher Court Advocates. 

Should you already have a solicitor you may want to instruct us for pre-charge advice to see if we can help speed up or drop the investigation as quickly as possible. We can also offer a second opinion.

With any criminal investigation, it is important to have expert legal advice and representation from the outset. For anyone arrested and taken to the police station, you need not instruct us in advance, you can ask the custody sergeant to call Cartwright King Solicitors directly. 

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