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Civil Partnership Dissolution

Our family lawyers are experts in every aspect of dissolution of civil partnership. We can provide straightforward, cost-effective advice to ensure that your dissolution proceedings are dealt with as quickly and amicably as possible, including:

  • The dissolution itself — what are the grounds for dissolution, how long will the dissolution take?
  • Financial issues — will you be able to stay in the family home, will maintenance have to be paid, how will any property, business, family trust, inherited assets or pensions be dealt with?
  • The children — where will they live, how often will they see each parent, can they share their time between each parent?
  • What you can do if you have separated but are not yet ready for a dissolution — see our Free Guide Separation Deeds — this gives some basic information about the types of things that you can provide for in the event that you can agree matters without the commencement of a dissolution at this time.

Our Legal 500 recommended team of experts can help you with all of these issues and guide you through the legal consequences of your dissolution at a time when you will be in need of such assistance.

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