Family Mediation

If you are thinking about mediation and are not sure what it’s about, we’re here to help you. Cartwright King provides family mediation across the East Midlands from our offices in Derby, Leicester and Nottingham and in South Yorkshire from our office in Sheffield.

How can a mediator help?

Our family mediator has many years’ experience in assisting families on relationship breakdown. His specialist practice as a family mediator has been recognised and accredited by both the Law Society and Resolution.

Our mediator is also an experienced family solicitor and so can tell you about the law to help you reach agreements.

What is family mediation?

Mediation is a process that helps people sort out the issues that often arise as a result of the breakdown of a relationship. It can be used for a variety of situations when people divorce or separate or when other relationships break down, for example, in resolving financial disputes or making arrangements for children. Mediation can be very useful in restoring and improving communication.

These are the key features of family mediation:

It is voluntary – once you’ve attended a confidential information and assessment meeting (known as a MIAM), it’s entirely up to you to choose if you want to go ahead.

It is confidential – this means you agree to keep the discussions private. This will help you to be more creative in working out options because you know that any idea and possible solution is not legally binding until you are ready to take this step, generally after having had advice from a solicitor which you able to take at any stage if you are unsure if what’s being suggested is best for you.

It is impartial – the mediator will remain neutral and not take sides. This is why the mediator cannot give you any legal advice, but can provide legal information.

It is your solution – you stay in control of the outcome at all times. You will not be made to do anything that you don’t agree to, which is different from what might happen at court. Every decision about matters affecting you and your family is made through negotiation with you – not by the mediators, and certainly not by lawyers or judges.

Family mediation offers a quicker and less costly resolution for family disputes. You make decisions that are right for you both and your family. This helps to reduce conflict, has less of an impact on any children, and is less acrimonious, quicker and cheaper option than pursuing differences through the courts.

How much does it cost?

The cost will be based on an hourly rate and the amount you pay depends on a number of factors.

Full details of costs will be given to you at the assessment meeting. In almost all cases mediation is much cheaper than making an application to Court to resolve matters. Contact us for further details.

Our Services

Our family mediation service is able to undertake information and assessment meetings (MIAMs), which are now compulsory in most cases for those wishing to make applications to the family courts.

We provide realistic and open information about the fees involved.

We are able to include children in discussions in appropriate circumstances but only if the parents and children agree.

How to make contact

Cartwright King provides family mediation across the East Midlands and in South Yorkshire. If you are looking for family mediation in these areas or wish to talk further about family mediation, please contact 0808 168 5550 or email

Cartwright King has offices in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Sheffield and 14 other offices across the country. To find out more please call and ask to speak to Adrian Rose.

Cartwright King has offices in BirminghamBedfordBoltonDerbyLeedsLeicesterLondon TempleLondon Fleet StreetLutonManchesterMiddlesbroughMilton KeynesNewcastleNorthamptonNottinghamOxfordSheffield and Worcester.


Thank you so much for your helping role as mediator, 'one little step can leads to great things!' Your approach, with a dash of humour has been much appreciated. Has been a pleasure meeting you.


For further information please get in touch with our dedicated team.

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