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Finance Claims for Children

If you are a parent, guardian, special guardian of a child, or you have a residence order in respect of a child, you may be able to claim against a parent so as to meet various financial requirements and needs of the child living with you. This claim is made on behalf of the child, and is separate from the claims between separating couples.

Cartwright King’s family law team will guide you through the areas for consideration according to the circumstances of your case, and with regard to the financial wealth of the parent. We can provide straightforward, guidance on the specific aspects of possible claim that you may make, but these can include:

  • Provision of accommodation for the child whilst in education
  • Lump sums for the child’s needs during their education, such as to provide a computer, or a car
  • Provision to meet school expenses, and school fees
  • Provision to meet the financial needs of a child that has a disability
  • Child maintenance where the CSA cannot make an assessment or Top up payments to the initial CSA award, where the father’s income exceeds certain required levels.

This is a complex area, and so you should receive specialist advice from our Legal 500 recommended team of experts at Cartwright King.

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