Finance on Dissolution

Our family law solicitors understand the complexities of financial issues surrounding dissolution. We will ensure you achieve a positive solution with straightforward advice on issues including:

  • How a settlement can best be achieved
  • The options available to help you reach a settlement, e.g. Negotiation and Court
  • The treatment that a Court will give where there are complex assets, such as a farm, a business, family trust, inherited wealth and pensions
  • We represent clients throughout England, and those who live abroad, and have an unmatched reputation for sound practical advice which is easily understood — we have a sympathetic and confident approach to your specific problems
  • We have a proven successful relationship with the best Barristers, Specialist Valuers, Pension and Tax Experts.

You may wish to see our Free Guides which provide a brief outline of the aspects that the court must consider when looking at distribution of financial assets:

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