Interim Care Orders

Cartwright King has a team of child care solicitors who are on hand to act on your behalf in the event of an Interim Care Order being made in respect to your child or children. We can work with the Local Authority, Court and Social Services to defend your position. We also offer Legal Aid where available and have offices across the UK.

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What is an Interim Care Order?

If the local authority has evidence suggesting that your child is at risk of suffering significant harm by being in the care provided by the parents, then they can apply to the court to ask them to make an Interim Care Order.

What does the Interim Care Order cover?

The order means that the Local Authority will share the Parental Responsibility over that child. The local Authority will therefore be able to make decisions about the welfare of the child, including where they should live and how much contact the parents can have.

What will happen?

Interim Care Orders permit a temporary arrangement for the care of a child. This order is usually granted during proceedings for a full Care Order and when the court needs to fully assess the circumstances.

The court may also use the Interim Care Order to investigate aspects of the child’s home in order to decide on the application for a Care Order.

Social services will submit an interim care plan in the  application for the order. This will detail where the child will live for the duration of the order and the level of contact proposed between the parents and child.

Will my child be placed into care if the court grants an Interim Care Order?

The court will only grant the order if they feel it’s absolutely necessary and in the child’s best interests. The order gives the power to remove a child from its parents care and place the child with other relatives or foster carers, depending on what the court has granted.

How long do care proceedings last?

Care proceedings may last up to 26 weeks but can be extended for 8 week periods with the permission of the court.

During the proceedings, social services and officers from the Children and Family Court Advisory & Support Service (CAFCASS) will investigate the child’s circumstances and determine the best course of action to keep the child safe.

Social services and CAFCASS will then produce reports detailing what should happen to best safeguard the child. The court will then decide based on this evidence what will happen to the child.

What should I do?

If you are currently going through these circumstances or you are worried that this may happen to your child, contact us as soon as possible.

We understand how stressful these circumstances are and we have a vast amount of experience in acting on behalf of parents to ensure the best possible outcome for the parents and child.

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