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At a time of relationship breakdown and separation we can provide straightforward advice so that you can agree the arrangements between you for the children, both in term time and school holidays, or where there are pre school children.

We can represent you at court if matters do not resolve by negotiation or mediation.

We can guide you through the different types of order a court can make, and can advise you as to what order is in the bests interests of your children, and to achieve the best outcome.

Sometimes, one parent may wish to take the children abroad for a holiday, or may even wish to relocate permanently. One parent may disagree with the other about a major decision relating to the child’s upbringing, such as which school the child will attend. We an advise you on these issues, and represent you in the court process if matters remain unresolved, to protect your interests.

​The Legal 500 recommended team of experts at Cartwright King have vast amounts of experience in dealing with these cases.

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