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Many individuals looking to come into the UK to find work or to start a new life after submitting an application to the Home Office are left stranded if the decision is a refusal. Many applicants accept the Home Office decision to refuse the application when in fact this can in many cases be appealed. The appeal rights may be limited and it is vital that the correct advice is sought from the outset. Where applicants have not been given the right to appeal, it may be possible to consider a Judicial Review in order to challenge the decision.

Immigration Appeals Process

The appeals process is there to allow applicants to challenge the immigration decision. Putting together evidence to present the case at its strongest is required to have the decision reviewed. Challenging an immigration decision may be an overwhelming task and the ever changing rules on the rights of appeal do not make it any easier. 

A Home Office refusal may leave you in a precarious position with regards to your status and the worry of removal directions is one that can affect many families, especially when a private life has been established in the UK. Immigration is a very complex system, and all eventualities will be explored and advice provided before proceeding. The process can seem intimidating, but with the right legal assistance you have a much higher chance of succeeding in an appeal.

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Cartwright King lawyers are all experts in the complexities of Immigration Law and can provide advice in many separate areas, appeals being one of them. Supporting, advising and representing clients through the process, they will ensure that all of the options available are considered and will advise on what additional material if any may be required to strengthen the case. Guiding clients through the process, each lawyer has knowledge to create the most robust appeals and resolve any queries with the Home Office and UKVI.

Whether looking for entry clearance, further leave to remain or any other immigration query, Cartwright King represent clients in all areas. Call us today on 0808 168 5550, or email us using the enquiry form below.

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