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Every business is looking for the best when they start a recruitment process for a role, and there are times when looking outside the UK is the most sensible option. Recruiting from abroad is a different prospect than doing so in the UK, and there are potentially expensive pitfalls that businesses need to be aware of as they go through the process. Understanding strict immigration rules is imperative to receiving good recruitment advice, as the rules are subject to change on a regular basis, making it harder for businesses to remain compliant.

Sourcing a legal firm to assist in your recruitment process is a sensible proposition as falling foul of the laws would have differing levels of detriment to all involved. Firstly, any breaches can result in substantial fines and court proceedings. Dealing with this fallout is inefficient, tying up time, colleagues and finances as the case proceeds. Reputational damage will also cause lasting negative effects as word quickly spreads. These damages can place businesses in severe difficulty, and when it is something that can be avoided it is always best to plan and prepare properly. 

Seeking appropriate legal advice at the outset and training relevant staff are important steps in ensuring compliance within the immigration rules. Breaches can result in significant financial penalties being imposed and cause potential damage to the reputation of the organisation. It is important for businesses to be aware of all their legal obligations under the immigration rules, including right to work checks, and we provide advice and training to employers on meeting their legal obligations under the immigration rules.

Cartwright King is adept and experienced at working with firms to recruit the best talent from abroad, and ensure that the correct protocols are followed. Our expert solicitors have taken many businesses through this process, allowing the executives in the business to have full faith that all documentation is correct and legal. The peace of mind this gives is great solace to our clients. The experience of our specialists ensures that the business is compliant with all regulations, protecting the business from any fall out from the recruitment process. Utilising the skills of our team prevents any detriment to your business or colleagues, and ensures you are still hiring the right people for your company.

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Cartwright King lawyers are all experts in the complexities of Immigration Law and can provide advice in many separate areas. Supporting, advising and representing clients through the process, they will ensure that all of the options available are considered and will advise on what additional material if any may be required to strengthen the case. Guiding clients through the process, each lawyer has knowledge to create the most robust appeals and resolve any queries with the Home Office and UKVI.

Whether looking for entry clearance, further leave to remain or any other immigration query, Cartwright King represent clients in all areas. Call us today on 0808 168 5550, or email us using the enquiry form below.

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