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Having the right people in the right job sometimes means bringing in talent from outside the UK, Europe or even further afield. Whether new colleagues are entering the UK or colleagues are transferring between overseas offices, Cartwright King can cover all legalities around immigration visas on behalf of your business, professionally, and smoothly.

There are many elements to business immigration, and specific visas are available to bring labour into the UK.

Immigration Visas

Visas come in many categories from Student to Entrepreneur, and completing the correct paperwork is critical to the process. Ensuring the right visa is assigned will make the project more straightforward for both your employees and the business. With so many visa options, available it can be an intimidating process and many businesses worry around choosing the right one for the case. Filing incorrect paperwork can result in delays and additional costs as a minimum penalty when processing, and the reputational damage will take time to heal. If you are also providing housing for the employees whilst they are here, then the complications can become exhaustive.

Cartwright King immigration solicitors are highly experienced and familiar with all elements of the visa process whatever the situation. We can advise you in all circumstances including, but not exhaustive to: Business visits, Tier 1 visas, Tier 2 visas, sponsorship applications, recruitment advice, civil enforcement notices, compliance, illegal working prevention, landlord checks and penalties, Tier 5 visas and assisting you with Home Office requirements and representations.

It is our aim to ensure that no matter who, or how many people you hire from outside the UK, your business and your employees are protected and legal

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Cartwright King lawyers are all experts in the complexities of Immigration Law and can provide advice in many separate areas. Supporting, advising and representing clients through the process, they will ensure that all of the options available are considered and will advise on what additional material if any may be required to strengthen the case. Guiding clients through the process, each lawyer has knowledge to create the most robust appeals and resolve any queries with the Home Office and UKVI.

Whether looking for entry clearance, further leave to remain or any other immigration query, Cartwright King represent clients in all areas. Call us today on 0808 168 5550, or email us using the enquiry form below.

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