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Home Office Compliance

Cartwright King Solicitors will help you remain compliant with the UK Home Office, which is imperative to ensure a safe, legal and pleasant experience in the United Kingdom. With strict rules around immigration, it is up to the individual and the company they work for to ensure that all documentation is filed correctly, something Cartwright King has solicitors with knowledge and experience in helping clients with. 

Falling foul of the rules is easily done without the right guidance and our solicitors can help both businesses and individuals to guarantee that they are fully compliant. From the perspective of a business, incorrect or wrongly filed information can not only cost financially, but also places the immigrant workers at risk of being deported. Should a business fall foul of the rules, it could be prevented from bringing workers in, for a cooling off period of six months. This could prove disastrous as many specialist skills and experience could be lost instantly. From an individual perspective, being deported can have even more implications, not only for themselves, but also for their family.

Cartwright King specialist solicitors are well respected within the industry, and we have close relations with UK Home Office areas, assuring that we are constantly involved with your case. We will deal with your on-going matters as quickly as we can so you can feel confident that any areas of non compliance can be explained and any confusion cleared up with as little distress as possible. Our experts are compassionate, and having being party to many similar cases, can understand that there are the occasional times where fault can be explained satisfactorily to the court, allowing the business or individual to remain situ. 

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