Human Rights

You may be entitled to remain in the UK, because removal will be a breach of your Human Rights under the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR). We can assist you in assessing your circumstances and advising you on your Human Rights. 

One of the main Human Rights that could entitle you to make an application even if you are illegally in the UK, is based on the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) Article 8,  based on family relationships or your private life. 

The Home Office has incorporated these type of applications into the immigration rules, but it is often complex to understand and the subject of a lot of litigation in the Courts. We can advise and assist you to make the best possible application whether under the rules or outside the rules relying on the most recent and persuasive case law to maximise your chances of success.  

You may also be entitled to make an application based on a breach of art 3, lack of medical care in your home country, but the standard set by the courts for a breach of this right, are very high. We can advise you whether the medical care you require in the UK and lack in your country, may lead to such a breach.


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