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Immigration – Landlord issues

Cartwright King Solicitors Immigration team covers all the legal areas that you may come across through your immigration to the UK, whether for a short stay or a more permanent plan. Experienced, sympathetic and knowledgeable, our solicitors can help and support you through the process and any problems you may find occur during the transition.

Having a dispute with your landlord is a stressful situation, and when you aren’t in your home country the pressure is exacerbated. There are many ways in which a dispute can arise, including but not exclusive to; late payment of rent, property neglect and damage, and noise complaints. These topics can claim the tenant is in breach of the contract, but the law works in both ways, both for the tenant and for the landlord. It is always best to ensure you are represented by legal professionals that know the law, to protect your interests.

Visit our Landlord Disputes page for further information in this area.

Cartwright King solicitors are well respected in Immigration law, and have protected clients in all matters they have with positive results. Legal minds combined with compassion will take all elements of your case into account. Our approach is one where we can concisely explain the facts in a way that is easily understandable for our clients, transposing the legal terminology and ensuring that the matter is fully understood. Arranging for your matter to be heard, we will then represent you in your case, using specialist knowledge of the law. Having a Cartwright King solicitor will help you in your dispute, as we have done with many others.

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