What to do if you are caught speeding on your motorbike?

There are around 1.2 million active motorbike riders in the UK, and the most common area where they have problems with the law is in relation to speeding offences.

Speed limits apply to all public roads in Britain and they vary from limits on unregulated roads through temporary limits up to those applying to dual carriageways and motorways. 

You may be stopped at the time of the alleged speeding or have been involved in an accident. In those cases you will have been warned at the time that you might be prosecuted. The vast majority of speeding offences come from remote speed capture devices, usually cameras and these raise many issues unique to Motorbike riders. In these cases you must be sent a notice of prosecution within 14 days of the alleged offence. In either case we recommend that at this point you should contact a Defence Lawyer with experience in defending and representing Motorbike riders.

Offences involving motorbikes can sometimes raise technical issues, in particular the identification of bike or rider by a speed camera and the accuracy of the reading.  It is also important to be represented by an expert who is aware that sometimes motorbike riders can be hampered by unhelpful public opinion of them.

The fines imposed for speeding on your motorcycle can be up to £1000 and on motorways they can be up to £2,500, but the most serious consequence is the possible loss of your licence either because of the speed alleged or because you acquire more than 12 penalty points. A points disqualification is automatic unless you can present special mitigation. In particular you might seek to argue that to disqualify you from driving would cause you or your family “exceptional hardship”. This is an area where you should always seek early advice from an expert Motoring Lawyer.

Extremely high speeds, allegations of racing or cases involving accident or serious injury are now dealt with very seriously by the courts and regularly lead to prison sentences. Early advice from an expert Motoring lawyer is essential in such cases. 

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